Why Entitledto?

Using the Council Tax Support calculator from Entitledto means that citizens and their advisers can accurately and quickly determine the impact of adopted CTS arrangements on their situation.

Entitledto's calculators are the most accurate and most used across the UK and Councils can be confident that users are getting the right answers whenever they want them. By registering with Entitledto’s CTS national calculator, council staff can provide the relevant policy information that drives individual calculations.

Whether LAs decide to use the free information service offered by the National CTS Calculator, the National CTS Calculator Link, or the Value Pack that provides embedded CTS and benefits calculators (as well as a range of other capabilities) in their own web sites, they are getting extraordinary value. In terms of time saved within call centres and by qualified staff, the payback should be noticeable in weeks, or in some cases, days.

Our clients

Our CTS calculator is already being used for consultation purposes by the following local authorities, all of whom will benefit from the Value Pack’s capabilities once their schemes are adopted:

About Entitledto

Entitledto is relied upon by Local Government, Housing Associations, Charities and more than 2 million households to help people maximise their entitlements and see how they are affected by welfare reform. We cover all means-tested benefits and our products are updated for new legislation, including Universal Credit.

Entitledto are an IRRV strategic partner, ensuring that local authorities can access high quality benefit calculators kept constantly up-to-date with welfare reform.

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