Welcome to Entitledto's national Council Tax Support calculator

Council Tax Support policies are being enacted at a local level, right around the country. Councils need to provide accurate, up-to-date information to citizens about the schemes they adopt. Entitledto can help Councils by providing online self-service calculators customised to local schemes.

Entitledto can help in three ways:
  • Via our Value Pack that provides an embedded calculator within a Council's own website.
  • Via this CTS National Calculator site, with links from the Council's web pages.
  • Via this same CTS National Calculator site, without links from the Council's pages.

The Value Pack also provides significant advantages that Councils should consider. For more information see our Value Pack brochure.

Councils that choose to use this site to help citizens determine the impact of the CTS scheme on their own situation are encouraged to link to this site, for a very low annual subscription fee. You may also provide details of your scheme, to ensure accurate calculations on this site, without charge if you do not link to this site from your own web pages.

What next?

To sign up for this site please register below. This will allow you to control the contents of this site, provide details of your scheme and tell us when you have adopted.

To find out more about how the site works please feel free to experiment or email dan.rust@entitledto.co.uk to receive our user guide for local authorities.

If you are already registered please click on 'Login' button.

If you are not registered and would like to add details your local authority, please click on the 'Register' button, or Contact Us to discuss your options.

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